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What type of car rental deal are you looking? We offer great discounts, coupons, offers and car rental special packages in NZ. So, if you want to get the best deal on our car rental service, hurry up and book a vehicle from us right now! Whether you are here in Auckland for pleasure or business, don’t miss out these offers.  As you know, deals will not last forever, take advantage of them whenever you can.

Check out the latest car rental deals at Express Car Rentals before booking your car from us. You may get the opportunity to save a lot on car rentals if your requirements meet our deals specifications.

Holiday Specials

NZ Holiday Card Special

Rent an automobile for 10 days and receive one day FREE with this NZ holiday card. It is an "All in one" New Zealand SIM card package, which is going to save a lot of your money while traveling around New Zealand. NZ Holiday card includes your SIM card, $10.00 calling credit, an internet access account, over $2000 offers, attractions, activities, and accommodation. We have the best prices. So, what are you waiting for? Get your communication sorted before leaving home and start enjoying your pleasure tour the moment you step in NZ.


Get great car rental discounts and offers by buying our coupons. We often provide online coupons to our website customers and web surfers. By availing our coupons, you will be able to enjoy Auckland car rental service at a very cheap rate. You can save a lot on car rentals. Keep visiting our coupons section or subscribe to our newsletter to get the best deals on car hire in Auckland.

Package Specials

Save money with our car rental special packages in NZ. Find a lot of packages for hourly hiring, weekdays hiring, weekend hiring and Auckland city car renting and save money. The packages are ideal for people who want to enjoy the best car rental service in Auckland by spending the least amount of money. Our packages are not always available. So, keep visiting our package specials section or subscribe to our newsletter to get details about what we are offering.

Long term hire

Long term hire

Get the best rate when hiring cars in Auckland for long-term. We offer great discounts to our customers who book vehicles from us for a long period. Any one of you who is looking for long-term car hire in Auckland, Express Car Rentals have a lot of things for you in store. Email us at or call on our toll free number 0800 227 100 to discuss about this further.