Hourly Car Hire

Looking for hourly car hire services in Auckland? Express Car Rentals provides hourly rentals of compact cars, people movers, budget saver cars and other luxurious and economy vehicles at an unmatched rate. Available 24/7, our flexible hourly cheap car rentals in Auckland means that you can save money by paying for what you only need!

Express Car Rentals offers you the opportunity to rent it your own way. With a minimum hire of 1 hour you must have a lot of time to drive to and from a meeting or run some errands. May be public transport just won’t cut it. In fact, these hourly rentals are more flexible than public transport and make it easier to get from point X to point Y.

When Should You Use an Hourly Car Hire in Auckland?

You are looking to save money

You can save a lot of your hard earned money if you opt for an hourly car hire in Auckland. Circumstances may happen where you will need a second car occasionally. This service could make sense than buying another vehicle. People wanting to sell their cars can also rely on hourly car rental services and cut down a lot on their maintenance and transportation costs.

You are frustrated with public transportation

Public transit has limitations. Even the cabs in Auckland will not be able to reach you to the place where you want to go in a quick and efficient manner. With hourly car hire, you will be able to go wherever you want to go. In fact, if you want, you can even change your mentality half way to your destination. This is the kind of flexibility of hourly rentals.

You need a bigger car

You may have a small segment car but for some purpose you may need a big SUV car. Opting for an hourly car rental is undoubtedly the best thing that you can do. It will be cheaper than a traditional rental.

You are bothered about the environment

Reports have shown that each vehicle at an hourly car share replaces about fifteen personally owned vehicles. That is quite big if you consider the amount of pollution a car can create in its entire lifetime.

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