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Why Travel in New Zealand By Hiring Cars?

Although it is safer and cheaper to use public transport while travelling in Asia, we definitely think that is more developed countries like USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia, hiring a car is the best option for getting around. Are you thinking to rent a car for your travel adventure? If yes, hire cars from Express Car Rentals. You can spend a month exploring New Zealand by hiring cars from us. Here is why we recommend travelling around in New Zealand by hiring cars.


You can hop in your own car and go wherever you like and when you like. You can stop off at any interesting place, move on to a new destination early, change your itinerary at the last minute and enjoy the ride to a picnic spot rather than going to the Champagne Lake.  


You are definitely going to prefer the comfort and space of your own vehicle over the noisy, cramped trains and buses. You can tune the radio to the station you like, stick the heating on or air-con as you need it and chat in private with other family members while you watch the scenery pass by.

Low cost

While public transport is cheap in the Asian countries, it can be quite expensive in developed countries. So, a car hire can actually save a lot of cash in the long run. For instance, if you total up the cost of catching a bus or train down the East Coast of Australia, you will find that’s it is only a bit cheaper than hiring a car.


Hiring a car is a very convenient option. All you need to do is throw all your things in the car, check the map and drive straight to your destination at your own time.

Car hire in NZ is not that expensive, but the general guideline is that if your trip is more than 2 months, it’s worth buying a car instead.

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