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Where to Go During A Road Trip in Auckland?

While planning a road trip in Auckland, most people often have to go through the hassles of choosing ideal spots for making the trip exciting. For those having a tight budget and limited time, it can be more difficult to make an appropriate decision. However, finding the right place is important if one wants to enjoy a day trip filled with action-adventure. The most prudent thing that one can do for keeping the expenses of the trip low is hire a rental car. There are plenty of car hire companies in Auckland who provide vehicles of all types at affordable rates.
Now let’s have a look at some of the most convenient places that one must check out during a road trip through the most populous urban area of New Zealand:
Rangitoto Island
This place is no less than a paradise for enthusiastic explorers. Here, one can take part in a wide range of exhilarating activities, including climbing the summit, exploring lava caves, bird watching or enjoying a picnic by the waterside.
North Auckland
While exploring the northern part of the city, one can visit the Matakana market and try the mouthwatering organic ice cream at Oob Organic Cafe. There is also a Reptile Park at Ti Point that features a spectacular collection of native as well as exotic reptiles. Also, while grabbing something to eat from Leigh Fish and Chip Shop, one can enjoy looking out to the Goat Island.
South Auckland
For those wanting to have close and nice day trip, heading south to the Ambury Farm can be great. The wonderful experience that can be gained by spending a day at this working farm featuring a variety of domesticated animals is unparalleled. There is also a place known as Glenbrook Vintage Railway close by, where one can ride real and working vintage trains.
East Auckland
There are plenty of historic and archaeological sites to check out in the eastern part of Auckland, such as the Orere Point and 3 Maori pa. Visitors can also picnic at the Snakes Gully and take a swim in the Kawakawa Bay before going to the Turanga Winery situated in Clevedon.
West Auckland
In the western region of Auckland, there are the exquisite Waitakere Ranges, which cover an area of about 16,000 hectares. The Muriwai Beach, one of the most popular attractions of the Ranges, features onsite BBQ for visitors. Within the town, there is a also a place called the Arataki Visitor Centre from where one can enjoy breathtaking views over the Manukau Harbour.


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