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Top 5 New Zealand Summer Destinations

New Zealand is a nation that has stunning scenery, climate and activities all through the year but now that summer is approaching in New Zealand, we have put together a list of top five New Zealand summer destinations
Bay of Islands 
This is the favourite destination of all travellers. There is a lot of things that can be done when you are here like surfing, sailing, swimming & dolphin safaris. Just a 4 hours drive from Bay of Islands and you will reach the most northern point of New Zealand, the Cape Reinga where there are the huge massive sand dunes & big Kauri Trees. 
It is one of the gateways in New Zealand. It is from here that all travellers come and go. Although it's not the official capital, it's the commercial and social capital of New Zealand. Auckland is also the most populous city, which sits at top of North Island and is surrounded by the volcanoes, harbours and gulf of islands. It has a refreshingly sociable and relaxed atmosphere and as far as the nightlife in Auckland is concerned, there is always something exciting and vivacious on every night. There is even a lot of things to do and see here but at the same time it's even easy to escape the hub of city centre & find beaches, islands and volcanoes, which wouldn't be found near an average city. 
Hot Water Beach 
This is a beach on east coast of Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. Its about 175kms from Auckland by a private or rental car. The beach is a very popular destination for both the tourists and the locals. Here you can dig into the sand enabling hot water to escape to surface forming the hot water pool. Visitors generally dig holes, relax & soak in thermal water to experience free spa. 
Raglan is the smallest beachside town in New Zealand with a very small population. It is known best for its surf. Just 8kms from here is a number of surf breaks including Whale Bay, Vortex Bay, Indicators and Manu Bay. There is no KFC or Macs but the township is an entertaining mix of galleries, surf shops, bars and cafe. There are many walks in Raglan area.  Popular activities in Raglan include stand up paddleboarding, harbour cruises and kayaking. 
Rotovegas or Rotorua as its popularly called is the culture & spa spot on New Zealand where backpackers may experience Maori Shows. Here you can walk in the rainbow springs during night time and have cultural experiences. This is the place where you can get the opportunity to walk around in dark with flash light & check out the native birds & river eels at night.  You can even do zorbing, rafting and much more. 
So, if you have plans to visit New Zealand this summer, don't miss out these places. 


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