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Three Exotic Holiday Destinations of the World

Planning for an exhilarating holiday trip with friends and families but confused where to pack your bags and luggage for? Here are three exotic holiday destinations to spend your holidays and make it memorable.
Australia- Australia is rated as the fifth biggest country of the world. Out of the seven continents, it is the smallest continent. It is a unique and beautiful country boasting of desserts, snow capped mountains, attractive seas and beaches, tropical forests and rare flora and fauna. The country has some unique tourist attractions which makes it a perfect destination to spend the holidays. Some of the great tourist attractions are:
  • Fraser Island- It is one of the most important tourist destinations of Australia. Fraser Islands is situated in eastern coast of Queensland. The island boasts of lakes, rich tropical forests, sandy beaches that are white. It is the largest sand island of the world.
  • The great coral reef- It is another chief tourist attraction in Australia. The reef has a presence of more than 400 types of corals and 150 diverse fish species.
  • Kakadu national park- Situated close to Darwin. It is one of the most beautiful wildlife Parks in Australia comprising abundance of wild life and diverse local Australian plants and paintings that are aboriginal.
  • Ayer’s rocks- This place is also called Uluru. It is situated close to the town of Alice Springs. It is the largest rock monolith in the world and considered to be a sacred place to the Aborigines. All the adjoining place comprises of deserts.
New Zealand- New Zealand is a beautiful country abounding in natural beauty and boasts of some exciting places for the tourists to visit. It has grown in stature as a top exotic holiday destination. The chief attractions of New Zealand which makes it an exotic tourist destination are Abel Tasman National Park, Milford sound, Champagne Lake, Sky tower etc.
  • Abel Tasman National Park- It is a famous wildlife park situated in the New Zealand’s southern island. The national park is a famous tourist destination comprising of some rare and unique birds like blue penguins, wekas wood pigeons etc. The place can be best seen with the help of a boat or small plane.
  • Milford Sound- It is a gorgeous fiord situated in southern island of New Zealand. It comprises beautiful waterfalls and rainforest cliffs. The Waterfalls are a result of heavy rainfall the place receives throughout the year. Cruises and kayaking are the best ways to travel in this gorgeous place.
  • The Champagne Lake- It is a lake famous for the hot springs and are orange or turquoise in color due to the presence of mineral salts in the lake water.
  • Sky Tower- The Sky Tower is a tall tower used for observation and telecommunications. It is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Sky Tower has become an icon in Auckland’s skyline.
The country also has exciting and adventurous outdoor games like scuba diving, bungee jumping, rafting etc. Also  diverse flora and fauna, friendly and hospitable people, salubrious climate and availability of cheapest car rental services especially in Auckland make New Zealand  a top exotic holiday destination.
Spain-Spain has grown in stature as a top exotic holiday destination. Although the country is famous for its bull fighting the country offers evergreen estuaries, dazzling sea beaches and rugged mountains. Aqueduct of Segovia, La Concha, Cuenca, and Palacio Real are some exciting places for the tourists to visit.
  • Aqueduct of Segovia- It is one of the best protected monuments and was constructed with the help of 24000 granite blocks. It is a monument which was left by the Romans in Spain.
  • La Concha- La Concha is often described by many to be one of the most excellent city beaches in the whole continent of Europe, let alone Spain.
  • Cuenca- Cuenca is a small Spanish city which spreads out beneath the ruins of the Arab castle. The modern small Spanish city is located below on the Júcar plain. The old part of Cuenca is bordered on three sides by a deep gorge engraved out by the Júcar and the Huéca the two well known rivers
  • Palacia Real- Situated on the outskirts of Madrid, it is the official abode of Spanish royal dynasty. It is owned by the state and administered by the Patricio National. Although it is an official residence of the royal Spanish dynasty the palace is mainly used for state ceremonies.
So pack your bags now to spend your holidays in the above exotic destinations. Till then stay connected with our Express Car Rentals blog.


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