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Things You Can Do While You’re in Auckland - II

In the last blog, we had mentioned about a handful of interesting activities that can make your stay in Auckland worthwhile. These included bungee jumping from the tallest building in the heart of the city, hiking in the Waitakere ranges, a sojourn to the wonderful Auckland Art Gallery, ferry ride to the exotic Waiheke Island and a tour of the old military tunnels in Devonport. Although there is no end to the list of exciting things that you can indulge yourself into while in Auckland, here are a few more intriguing activities which will not fail to amuse you in the ‘Queen City’: 
  • A Day at the Civic Theatre - Delight yourself with a day’s visit to one of the seven ‘atmospheric theatres’ left in the entire world and also an elegant survivor from the Golden Age of cinema. Established in 1929, the mighty Civic Theatre makes a grand display of Moorish embellishment which also includes a ceiling fashioned in the form of a starlit night sky in southern hemisphere. The theatre is mainly used for film-festival screenings, touring musicals and international concerts.
  • Trip to Auckland Zoo - Covering an area of 40 acres, the Auckland Zoo houses more than 120 different types of native as well as foreign animals. Also known as Te Wao Nui, the entire zoo has been segregated into six ecological sections - Coast which is inhabited by seals and penguins; Islands that are primarily home to lizards; Wetlands dwelt upon by ducks, herons and eels; Forest occupied by a variety of birds; Night which houses kiwi, frogs, weta and owls; and High Country where lizards and cheekier birds reside.
  • A Ride to One Tree Hill - One Tree Hill is a volcanic cone, regarded as the greatest fortress of the country and was a gift from John Logan Campbell to the Maori people, whose grave can be found on the summit. The attractions on One Tree Hill include an information centre with fascinating illustrative displays, a beautiful children’s playground and the Stardome Observatory. Surrounding the place is Cornwall Park which exhibits a rich vegetation of mature trees and also the Acacia Cottage. To visit One Tree Hill, you can either take a train to Greenlane or hire a car from any car rental company in Auckland.
  • Dinner at St Heliers Bay Bistro - Take a bus from Tamaki Dr and visit this classy restaurant with fascinating harbour views. Though pre-bookings are not accepted here, the active staff can find you space in no time. Expect dishes imbued with primarily Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours.
So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book a ticket to Auckland and enjoy your stay out there!


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