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Some Handy Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Holiday in New Zealand

Are you planning to tour New Zealand? Here are some handy tips to help you get most out of your holiday. 
Self-drive is great way to see New Zealand at your own pace
You can explore the country at your own pace. There won't be any kind of a stress of any group tour. You can opt for discount car hire in NZ and visit the places that are best for self-drive and book the accommodation that suits your budget and so on and so forth. 
Best time of the year to visit NZ
NZ does experience four distinctive seasons. These are summer (December, January & February), autumn (March, April & May), winter (June, July & August) and spring (September, October & November). 
Almost all kind of activity is available all through the year in some form or the other. The exception may be an access to some multi day walking tracks like Routeburn Tracks & Milford Track. These generally remain close from mid of April till late October for guided walks. The popular trips to cease in winter include Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound overnight cruises. Day cruises will be however available. 
Skiing is available from June till September. Some of the other businesses close in winter as demand do not warrant being open. These may include the restaurants and cafes in some destinations less visited at winter like Bay of Islands , Te Anau, West Coast of South Island etc. Ski resort areas like Wanaka and Queenstown however continue to operate fully right through winter. 
Time needed for NZ tour
  • 3-5 days: You can do a short circular trip from Queenstown, Wellington Christchurch or Auckland.
  • 5-10 days: You can tour with more time in hand for exploring and more two nights stops on an island.
  • 10-14 days: You can visit both South and North Island starting on one & finishing on the other. Getting back to the departure/start point is simple and easy to fly.
  • 14-21 days: You can go for a more extensive trip with two night stops and time to include places like Milford Sound, Bay of Islands and more on your list, which may not be achievable on shorter day trips.
  • More than 21 days: You can tailor an itinerary for suiting your interests rather than letting time frame dictate what's possible and what isn't. 

Where to stay? 
There are accommodation options for all kinds of people.
  • Unique and boutique accommodation-These are upmarket properties that have unique style and character.
  • Hotel-These are comfortable, clean & value for money accommodation.
  • Motel-These accommodations are located conveniently keeping in mind the mentality of the budget conscious travellers.
  • Self catering accommodation-These are high quality accommodation that have cooking facilities available. 
The place where you are planning to stay is a vital consideration while planning your accommodation. Fuel and parking charges may rack up if you are not careful. 

Driving distances 
A few journeys may be deceptively long depending on its terrain. Make sure to consult a distance calculator when planning the route so that you have enough time on hand. You can also hire our chauffeurs for your convenience when hiring a car from us. Our chauffeurs exactly know which way to drive to make the route the shortest.


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