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Rental Cars in Auckland-Which Car to Hire?

There are a wide range of rental cars in Auckland. Hire the one that fits your budget and need.
Compact class e.g. Toyota Vitz, Mazda Demio or similar
These are small cars best suited for 4-5 people. They are built to accompany you in every occasion. From the day-to-day dash to work to a weekend trip to beach with your friends, the compact class comes packed with comfort as well as convenience that you need within a fun sized package. But remember if you are planning for a weekend trip and you have 3-4 people to accompany you, the luggage need to be minimal. Most of the cars in compact class have a 1.3 litre engine, an AC, a radio and are fully automatic, which means you won’t need to change your gears. You won’t even have a clutch.
Compact 7 seat e.g. Toyota Ipsum or similar
This kind of rental vehicle is great for long journeys. It is generous enough with luggage space when all the seven seats are occupied. It has great functionalities, is comfortable to sit in and has a 2.0 litre engine. You won’t need to change your gears when you hire the compact 7 seat class cars. Most of the compact 7 seat class cars are automatic with Ac facilities. This is a perfect car to hire when you have your full family to accompany you somewhere-may be a social ceremony or a weekend trip. 
Economy e.g. Nissan Sunny or Toyota Auris
The cars of economy class usually have four doors and are best suited for 4-5 occupants. They can be hired for longer trips and for airport pickup and drops. These cars can also be hired when you want to travel from one place to another within the city. They are easy to park and are pretty exciting to drive for their features and design. But if you are carrying too much of luggage, this shouldn’t be the type of car hire that you must look for. They can cope with a standard amount of luggage. 
People mover e.g. Toyota Estima
If you are looking for a full-size car with an extra space as well as legroom, the people mover 8 seat car would be ideal for you. These people movers can hold 8 people and are perfect for big families or larger parties. Fitting in luggage for all these people is even easy with these rental cars. People mover 8 seat car hire like Toyota Estima include radio, an air conditioning system, a 2.4 litre engine and are fully automatic. They are ideal for long journeys. Comfort and space offered by these people mover make the trip a very pleasurable one.
Tourist class e.g Nissan wingroad
Rental cars in this category are automatics, air conditioned and has radio and CD player. There may be 2 or four doors but are very comfortable cars. They offer optimal comfort to both the passengers as well as the driver. Tourist class cars have a number of features that make the driving even easier.
Luxury cars e.g Mercedes
If you want to look and feel good, hire a luxury car. Hiring this segment car will make you arrive in style at your destination. So, whether it is a social function that you want to attend or a business conference, hiring a luxury car will make you feel fabulous. These cars offer a smooth driving experience and a lot of space for the passengers. It can even accommodate luggage with an ease. So, both long as well as short hires would be pleasurable. 


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