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Places You Must See When Planning Your Visit to Auckland

Travelling in Auckland is easy and quick on well maintained pathways. But it is off the beaten track that you will find a real scenic treasure. So, when you are planning to visit this place, take your time while travelling around to ensure you do not miss out on pockets of beautifulness, which will come on your way. Opt for an Auckland car rental service and travel all around for experiencing the best.
Take a tour of Matakana area and visit the great wineries that are in the region. The food, wine and stunning views will make you feel like you are in the paradise. It’s a little town in New Zealand with beautiful scenic views. It is less than an hour’s drive to the northern part of Auckland. The region is popular for producing wines. Although a red wine growing area with different kinds of Syrah, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese and Pinotage, there are a few white wines here as well.  Heading towards from Auckland, there are a few must-see wineries that you should visit as well like Ransom Wines, Ascension Wine Estate, Brick Bay and Omaha Bay Vineyard. 
Visit the west side. If you have no time, go to the west along northern part of Manukau Harbor to a village named Titirangi for a brunch before driving on to Arataki Visitor Centre. Set on the ridge that surrounded by a rainforest to get a spectacular view and insight into the natural history and heritage of the area. If you like wine, go for a cellar door experience in Kumeu region. Visit the Woodhill Forest if you are adventurous. You can experience mountain biking and quad biking there.
Don’t miss the south part of Auckland. If you have a lot of time, explore the most beautiful corners in Auckland like Awhitu Peninsula, Waiuku and Glenbrook. The haunted attraction scream park is alluring and is a must see in Karaka. Then there is also the theme park that has plenty of attractions and thrilling rises for all the age groups. If you want, there is a beautiful botanic garden in south Auckland to walk through. People visiting south Auckland even go for blow carting, clay shooting and kayaking.
Spend some of your time around North. Take a ride on a horseback and explore the countryside. You can even grab your flippers or hire a scuba gear for going to the Goat Island Marine Reserve.  If you want to keep the feet dry, enjoy cruise on glass bottom boat and marvel at teeming shoals of fish as well as other sea life.


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