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Important Things Hirers Should Keep In Mind During Auckland Car Rental

When renting a car in Auckland for business or leisure purpose, hirers should know a few important things. 
  1. If the warning lights appear in the car, the driver should stop driving at once and park the car in a suitable place. He or she should then contact the Automobile Association (AA) for assistance and also inform the owner about the situation as soon as possible.
  2. If the car becomes unfit to drive because of a breakdown, which wasn't the fault of the hirer, the hirer needs to make sure that the owner refunds him or her the rental charges, which relate to the period during which the vehicle couldn't be used.
  3. If there is any defect or mechanical failure of the car during hire, the hirer should make sure to notify the owner as soon as possible. If the hirer doesn't notify the owner then the hirer waivers owners obligation for investigating the issue of which the hirer shall be liable for ant kind of resulting damage.
  4. The hirer shall not undertake or arrange any repair work without the prior authority of the owner except to salvage the car to prevent a lot more damage. If the hirer has had to pay to salvage the car, the hirer should inform the owner within a maximum of twelve hour time or forfeit the right to seek reimbursement of salvage costs.
  5. If any mechanical repairs are needed where owner has authorised then but hirer isn't liable for repairs, the hirer will be reimbursed after the receipts or invoice have been given to the owner.
  6. The hirer isn't permitted to instruct any individual to interfere with any kind of mechanical aspect of the car including, but not limited to, speedometer, distance recorder, braking, suspension systems of the car or engine transmission. 
To get more tips, advice and information on what you should and shouldn't do during Auckland car rental, stay tuned to our blog! 


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