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How to Get the Best Car Hire Deal in Auckland?

Most people at some point of time in their lives rent a car in Auckland. Whether they rent for going on a vacation or for a social function, they have emphasized on the fact that renting is often an expensive affair. For all those people who think that hiring a car in Auckland is a costly affair, here are a few tips for you regarding how to get the best rate on car hire in Auckland.
Search online
Explore the online travel sites in Auckland. Search more than one site because different sites offer specials at different times. A thorough search on the internet will surely help you find a company that offers a better deal on car rental.
For the last few years, aggregator sites are also doing a great job. Online aggregators are now probably the best place for figuring out the location and range of the best car hire deal.
Also have a look at the PPC ads that are placed in Google’s right hand side. You may often find deals by going through those ads.
Look for coupons and discount codes
You might have noticed that most of the car rental sites in Auckland ask if you have any special discount code but how many times have you been able to use one? Many of you may not also know where to get these codes from? You can get some by browsing our ‘specials’ page. We often offer online coupons to our website customers to enjoy the Auckland car rental service at a reasonable rate.
There are also many other coupon sites in Auckland that list the car rentals discount coupons. You can browse those sites and have a look at the deals that different car rental companies in Auckland are providing.
Buy directly from the site of the car rental company
There are many car rental companies that offer their customers with a great opportunity to hire cars in Auckland at the best rate when booking directly from their site.  Our customers can get NZ holiday card special and great packages when booking directly from our site. We also offer great discounts to customers who book cars directly from our site for long-term hire in Auckland.
Look for weekly rentals
If you need the car for only for 5-6 days, ask for a quote at weekly rate. Paying for the entire week and returning the car early might be cheaper than paying the daily rental fees. And when getting the quote, ensure that you are not missing the hidden costs of the car rentals like sales tax, airport concession fees, and automatically applied insurance and so on.
So, if you are looking to book a car next time in Auckland, keep these tips in mind to get the best rate on car rental in Auckland.


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