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Get 24 Hour Free AA Roadside Assistance In Your Car Hire in Auckland

The rental car fleet at Express Car Rentals is well cared for, modern and maintained regularly. But sometimes things go wrong and in that event, if any unexpected mechanical fault takes places, you will be looked after and taken care of 24/7 a week because we have got the very best in roadside assistance. 
Express Car Rentals has teamed up with AA-the most respected and recognised organisation in New Zealand, to offer you with a 24 hour mechanical assistance for free of cost and make your journey a stress-free and relaxed one. All these mean, if you opt for a car hire in Auckland from Express Car Rentals, the key benefit that you will get by hiring our services is that you will receive full AA roadside assistance automatically for no extra charge when having any vehicle related breakdowns. This means if any such unfortunate situation takes place while driving our rental car, you just need to call the AA with the registration number of your vehicle. AA will get you on road again as quickly as possible with minimum delay. 
AA is known for their expertise and speed. They are equipped with modern electronic mapping systems that help in pinpointing the location accurately and quickly. If they are delayed, that will be because of the remote location, heavy traffic or inclement weather. Last year, they reached sixty percent breakdowns within half an hour and ninety percent breakdowns within an hour. 
But just remember one thing-this policy is only free for mechanical breakdowns, which means you will only be covered for electrical faults, engine faults, braking system, cooling system and vehicle recovery. Other than this, all the other call outs, especially the one's which are diagnosed as non-mechanical are going to be a subject to relevant AA charges. The one's that are not covered, and for which the driver will be charged include call outs for flat battery, locked out or lost keys, out of fuel and so on. 

So, when you are hiring a car from Express Car Rentals, you can remain worry free that even if the car breaks down in the middle of the road due to mechanical faults, you will have AA to assist you without you needing to pay anything extra. In most of the cases, the problem will be fixed at roadside itself but if extra support is needed, the car will be towed to the nearest place of safety or repair.


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