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Frequently Asked Questions to Auckland Car Rental Companies Before Hiring a Car

What documents do I need to submit before renting a car? 
This is one of the most important questions that you should ask your rental agency. However, rental agencies usually need a number of documents from their customers before allowing them to rent the vehicle. The documents include driver's license, proof of address and proof of auto insurance. 
Will I be able to hire a car without using credit card? 
Credit cards were once needed for renting a vehicle. However, nowadays, a lot of agencies accept other forms of payment. If it is not the credit cared, the rental agencies may ask people renting the car to offer additional documentation or/and a security deposit. 
Will daily rates be cheaper for me if I book on weekend? 
There are many car rental companies that charge less for weekend rentals than for vehicles that are rented during the week. 
What would be my mileage limitations? 
Hiring a car comes with daily mileage limit that can vary depending on how far away from home/hotel you plan to take the car.
What will I have to pay if I exceed the mileage limit? 
The car rental company will generally record the mileage of the vehicle before you leave the lot. When you again come back, they will check out the mileage. If they find out that you have exceeded the limitation of their mileage, you will be charged a specific amount for every extra mile. 
Do I need to buy the loss and damage insurance of the rental agency? 
Rental agencies usually provide insurance against theft and accidents. However, if you have a car of your own, there is no need for you to buy one then. Your personal auto insurance is going to cover any loss or damage to the rented vehicle. 
What fees or taxes are generally added to the car rental fee? 
You should always make sure to learn about the possible fees, taxes as well as other charges that are included in rental fee before deciding to rent a vehicle. 
When I return the car how much fuel should it have? 
Policies generally vary from one rental agency to the other. There are some who prefer gas tank to be completely full while returning whereas others want the fuel tank to be empty. There are even many agencies who ask to return the vehicle with same amount of fuel that the car had when you drove it off the lot. 
What's the maximum time I can return the vehicle? 
The rental agencies usually ask to return the vehicle by closing time. However, there are some who provide an alternative if you want to return the vehicle after hours. 
What's charge of returning the vehicle late? 
It is not uncommon to experience unexpected circumstances when you are on road. Due to such circumstances, you may not be able to return the car on time. You should always ask your rental agency about the charge that they may take from you if any such circumstances occur. The charges vary from one company to the other. 
If you want to rent a car for business or pleasure purpose and want to know about our rental rules and limitations, get in touch with us now! A great experience with our Auckland car rental


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