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Famous Haunted Places in New Zealand

Are you looking for some reportedly haunted locations across New Zealand to enjoy a paranormal escapade with your friends? You will be delighted to know that there are plenty of such spots you can pay a visit to. Being one of the oldest former British colonies, the country is filled with places that can give you goosebumps even in broad daylight. Some of them have even been investigated by paranormal research communities in the country. So if you think you have got nerves of steel for exploring a spooky location, book a rental car and head towards any one of the landmarks mentioned below:
Carlile House
Situated at Richmond Road in Auckland, the Carlile House was established in the year 1886 and remains abandoned most of the time even though it has been bought by The Rongan Church. The place was initially a training institute for orphans until 1912, when the smoke from a fire caused 43 boys to choke to death.
Larnach Castle
The Larnach Castle is a huge mansion located on the Otago Peninsula in Dunedin. Since the structure and its grounds are kept open for the public, it has been visited by many paranormal investigators and like-minded people. According to local newspapers, there have been around 30 sightings of spirits, odd occurrences and invisible touches at the Larnach Castle.
Carrington Mental Hospital
There seems to be a strange and inseparable connection between the paranormal and insanity. And that link is strengthened further by the existence of places like the Carrington Mental Hospital. Situated at Carrington Road in Auckland, the hospital once housed dangerous and violently insane patients in its small cell rooms. Many people have reported of hearing children’s laughter and singing and seeing furniture items moving on their own within the premises of this former psychiatric institute.
Waitomo Caves Hotel
Originally known as Waitomo House, the Waitomo Caves Hotel is one of the top haunted places in New Zealand. The place is particularly infamous for its Room 14 and Room 12. The story goes like this - once a young man who booked Room 14 saw as well as felt a spirit passing right through him. After describing the incident to several guests, he committed suicide in the same room. The spirit he saw is said to be of a certain Maori princess who was killed during the British era and now haunts Room 12.
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