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Best Sports Bars in Auckland

Finding a good bar for enjoying sports game may not always be an easy task. There are some places which charge sky-high rates for even a pint of beer, and even those that offer a rather boring and downscale experience. However, it does not mean that Auckland does not have an array of good sports bars. Yes, there are plenty of such spots where everything is incredibly fantastic - huge TV screens, food, atmosphere, beer on tap, and what not. So, why not book a four-wheeler from an Auckland car rental company and drive to one of the undermentioned places for enjoying your favourite sports game:
Skysport Grill
Situated in the Market Square area of Viaduct Harbour, Skysport Grill is an amazing spot for enjoying both live games as well as the nightlife of Auckland. With an American style interior and a wide variety of tap beers to choose from, this place offers an unforgettable experience to visitors. There is also a convenient seating area outside where one can enjoy views of both the harbour as well as the unfolding action on screen.
Fox’s Ale House
Another great sports bar in the Viaduct Harbour area, the Fox’s Ale House features a purely English style interior with 9 giant screens for people to enjoy their favourite games while sipping on chilled beer. The place remains open 24/7, so you can expect to sneak in even in the middle of the night. With a private gaming lounge, a couple of pool tables and 11 tap beers, this place would definitely make you want to come back again and again.
O’Hagan’s Irish Pub
This one is the third most appealing sports bar in Viaduct Harbour. Being an Irish themed traditional pub, it serves a wide range of authentic hand-picked dishes from the Irish cuisine. Its warm atmosphere is complete with charming decor, large screen TVs, live music and indoor & outdoor areas. Whether you want to watch games or enjoy views of the harbour, it’s completely your call to make.
The Paddington
Last but not the least in the list is this attention-grabber, a chic and comfortable sports bar based in St. George’s Bay Road. The place is entirely geared up for watching sports, as it encompasses a number of rooms with giant TVs showing major domestic as well as international events. 
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