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Best Secret Beaches in Auckland

Blessed with a coastline stretching over hundreds of kilometres and three beautiful harbours, the metropolis of Auckland has plenty of less popular but exquisite beaches and bays. Although most of these places are not known to many people outside the region, they are ideal spots for solitude lovers. 
Kelvin Strand
Situated very close to the tip of Te Atatu peninsula, the Kelvin Strand Beach is literally a hidden treasure. The place features picturesque white sand, a spacious grassy park, regenerating wetlands and a playground. From here, one can even enjoy exhilarating views of the harbour bridge and Sky Tower. There is also a sandbar about 100 metres away from the place, which you can walk to during low tide.
What’s special about this unadulterated sand stretch between Papanui Point and Orere Point township is that it can be accessed only at low tide on foot or by a kayak. The beach is about 1.4 kilometres long and broken by 2 small streams. You can reach this place by walking for about 45 minutes following the track of Tawhitokino around the rocks.
There are several popular beaches close to Kaitarakihi, which is why many people leave this place alone and help in adding to its solitary beauty. Lying right between Huia and Cornwallis, this place is accessible via a gate that closes after 9pm during summer and 7pm for the rest of the year. Since Kaitarakihi is situated near the Heads, it receives pristine clean water after every 12 hours. As such, you will love this place if swimming is one of your favourite activities.
Waipiro Bay
As much as we know, this place is probably the remotest beach in Auckland. Located in South Kaipara Peninsula, the Waipiro bay features a stretch of sandy coastline visited by numerous wading birds. The walkway which provides access to this place is downhill, which means you will have to climb uphill on your way back.
If you wish to seek some tranquility in Auckland, just book a vehicle from us and head out to one of the above-mentioned places. When booking car from us you would be able to travel at your free will without relying on public transport. However, there are certain important things you should keep in mind while renting a car in Auckland.
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