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5 Important Safe Driving Tips

The number of car accidents is staggering throughout the nation. Thousands of deaths  are occurring every year due to automobile accidents and fatalities. In fact, automobile accidents have become the leading cause of death for people between age 3 and 34 in the country. However, it has been found out that most of the car accidents that occur are the outcome of human errors. So, we suggest to put safe driving into practice.

Whether you are driving your own car or have hired a car from an Europ car rental service provider, our advice to you is to follow the basic rules of safe driving. Here are a few important driving tips, which will help bring you as well as others in the car home unharmed.

Don't drive while drunk

About more than twenty-five percent of the auto accidents in New Zealand occur when drivers drive the vehicle while being drunk. These accidents lead to thousands of deaths. Those deaths would not have taken place if the drivers wouldn’t have been drunk while driving their cars. Drunk driving is a very bad idea. It is in fact a crime. If caught drunk driving, the driver will earn a trip to jail. You can easily avoid drunk driving by asking a friend who is not drunk for a ride to your home.

Don't speed

Speed kills. It is the most common factor that contribute to the traffic crashes. Several lives are lost in New Zealand every year due to speeding-related accidents. It’s true that speeding the car may reach you to your destination earlier, but it is inconsequential in comparison to the risk related to speeding. We always suggest drivers to obey the speed limits and leave earlier for the destination.

Avoid distractions

Using mobile phones should be avoided while driving. A number of deaths take place because drivers happen to be on calls when they are behind the wheels. Texting or talking while driving must definitely be avoided. These kind of activities actually delays the reaction times of drives by twenty percent. However, it is not only texting or talking via cell phones, which cause distractions. Eating, fiddling with gadgets, applying makeup or talking with others in the vehicle also diverts the attention of drivers.

Wear seat belt

This is a must. You must wear it properly while driving as it will check you from being thrown around inside of the car or thrown via the windshield right out from the car. It gives drivers a greater possibility of surviving. Always make sure you buckle up while driving.

Be very careful in inclement weather conditions

Be extra cautious during heavy rain, fog, icy roads or snow storm. Make sure you drive slowly. Also make sure to maintain a safe driving distance. If you find difficulty in driving, turn off your lights and end up off the side of the road.

Always follow these safe driving tips. It can save your valuable life. To get more tips and advice on car related matters, stay connected to our Express Car Rentals blog.


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